The Fiji Rugby Union Administrator says contracts for the Fiji Water Flying Fijian players have been signed with the approval of the Pacific Players Association in regards to the increased allowances.

Valenitabua reassures players and fans that FRU has taken their concerns seriously and has implemented measures to ensure their welfare leading up to the highly anticipated Rugby World Cup in France.

He stresses that the recent contract negotiations involved confidential discussions with the players and the Pacific Players Association, taking into account the players’ deserving allowances and bonuses.

“We came to an amicable resolution. And now the players have signed their contracts with the approval of the Pacific Players Association and also with the consent of the players individually. And they’re happy because, you know, if they are not well looked after, we run the risk of them not performing at their best at the World Cup.”

Addressing previous financial challenges faced by the FRU, Valenitabua states that a solid budget has been set in place to ensure that such issues are never repeated.

He said the board has taken proactive steps to manage the organisation’s finances effectively, ensuring that the players’ needs are met promptly and consistently.

Meanwhile, Punjas has unveiled a sponsorship agreement with the Fiji Rugby Union.

The deal grants Punjas the naming rights sponsorship for the highly anticipated Punjas Pacific Battle 2023, featuring the Fiji Water Flying Fijians and Tonga in an exciting test match.

The company’s support extends further to the Vodafone Fijiana versus New Zealand Women’s A team match in September.

Chief Marketing Officer Gopal Jadhav said the partnership exemplifies Punjas’ commitment to corporate social responsibility and its dedication to supporting the sporting community.

Jadhav said the sponsorship deal highlights the company’s long-standing support for the sporting realm.

Although the exact financial details of the agreement remain undisclosed, the Punjas Pacific Battle 2023 stands as a testament to Punjas’ unwavering dedication to the sport and its stakeholders.