Israeli Police has detained three Fijian soldiers employed with the United Nations on suspicions of trying to smuggle liquid cocaine into Israel from Jordan, disguised as a perfume-making kits.

This has forced the Republic of Fiji Military Forces to issue a statement indicating that all soldiers concerned will be dealt with in accordance with the military law and laws of Fiji.

The headquarters of the Fiji Battalion in the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) has been liaising with the Israeli Authorities regarding the matter.

However, according to media reports, Customs Officers who inspected luggage belonging to the detainees were suspicious about the kits, which the travellers described as used for making perfumes.

Police said the kits, which contained multiple bottles with liquids, prompted a police sniffing dog to react in a way that substantiated the suspicions, according to a joint statement from the Tax Authority and Police.

An analysis conducted by the customs officer and police led the law enforcement professionals to identify the liquid in at least one of the bottles as liquid cocaine.

The Israel Police Northern District took over the investigation of the suspects, who are in custody, police said in a statement.

The United Nations employs thousands of peace-keeping troops and other personnel around Israel.

Jerusalem has often exchanged barbs with UN officials over impartiality or accused them of collaborating with Israel’s enemies, while the UN has at times accused Israel of detaining its employees without reason or denying them entry.

Meanwhile, the Republic of Fiji Military Forces said that all RFMF soldiers deployed on United Nations Peacekeeping missions are trained to adhere to UN Peacekeeping regulations and standards and to respect the laws of the host countries they serve in.