All 2023 Pacific Games facilities are expected to be ready for the official handover to the Solomon Islands government months before the opening ceremony.

Pacific Games Council chief executive Andrew Minogue confirmed to RNZ Pacific they expect the handover of facilities to the Solomon Islands government as planned.

“We are on track,” Minogue said. “The handover should be done in late August or early September.”

He said they have regular check-ins with the Pacific Games Organising Committee, who are confident that the Games’ facilities and preparations are working according to timelines.

In their latest update the 2023 Pacific Games Stadium project said the electrical installation of the China-aid 2023 Pacific Games Stadium Project was completed.

They said the lighting commissioning of the football training field, hockey pitch and multifunctional hall have been completed and the test results all meet the requirements for competition and regular use.

The lighting control system can set the corresponding illumination based on the required scenarios, so as to achieving maximum energy efficiency while meeting the scenario requirements.

The roof solar system has also successfully achieved grid connection, and it can continuously provide sufficient free electricity for the 2023 PG Stadium’s daily operation.

The stadium has facilities for athletics, hockey, football, rugby union, an aquatic centre and a multifunctional hall for indoor sports and catering.

This is part of the gift from the government of China, which also includes the construction of dormitories for the Games.

The Games Council has confirmed it will support member countries and territories financially if needed.

Minogue said countries like Vanuatu, which are facing financial challenges due to natural disasters, would be assisted.

“What Vanuatu is going through is very normal for most countries. All countries are being financially supported by the Pacific Games Council with one airfare for a male and one for a female athlete,” he said.

The Vanuatu Rugby League Association last week confirmed they were seeking extra sponsorship and funding so they can get their team to the Games in case the Vanuatu Association of Sports And National Olympic Committee has to cut its contingent size because of financial constraints.

The Games will open in Honiara on 19 November.

Meanwhile, the Pacific Climate Change Centre continues to work with the Solomon Islands Government on making the upcoming Pacific Games greener.

A team from the Centre has visited Honiara where it discussed with the government supporting two Pacific Games villages to become carbon neutral, by offsetting the emissions through tree planting and greening activities.

The longer-term vision is to contribute towards a greener and more resilient Honiara.