Fiji’s deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade, Manoa Kamikamica has told the European Union (EU) that it needs to revise its tax blacklisting approach and to show solidarity and understanding in these challenging times.

Kamikamica said Fiji is confident in the EU’s role and our economic policies will be one of partnership, in areas such as taxes, investment and free movement of people, goods and services.

Speaking at the European Indo-Pacific Forum, Kamikamica called on the European Union to finalise its process for signing the post-Contonou Agreement, which will shape the EU’s partnership with those organisations for the African, Caribbean and Pacific States, in the next 20 years.

Kamikamica also highlighted that Fiji supported the EU and the global efforts to resolve the current war in Ukraine, where Ukrainians are suffering the most while the rest of us feel the wider impacts.

“Our partnership is on the right track, guided by a long-term perspective – the challenges and opportunities in our region are complex and require sustained engagement over many years,” he added.

Meanwhile, deputy Prime Minister Manoa Kamikamica says Fiji is facing the harsh reality that many coastal communities are facing as climate change threatens Fiji’s existence.

He said the Government has no choice but to relocate Fijians affected by the rising sea levels.

Kamikamica said this is a daunting and complex task, one of our last resort – a painful and costly process that needs careful planning, consultation and coordination.

“Six communities in Fiji have already been relocated and 42 more are in urgent need of moving in the next decade. We cannot afford this on our own and financial support from our development partners is critical in facing this challenge,” he said.

Kamikamica highlighted that support is needed that honours Fiji’s sovereignty, dignity and human rights and relocation is not a solution, but a response to the loss and damage caused by climate change.

“Fiji welcomes the EU’s Indo-Pacific Strategy as an opportunity to strengthen our cooperation on the critical issues of climate change, security and sustainable and inclusive prosperity.”

“These are issues that matter greatly to Fiji and the Pacific region. We are committed to promoting security, stability, democracy and cooperation in our region.”

He added Fiji is also keen to explore the possibilities of growing the blue economy, making renewable energy and innovation.