Photo: The Guardian

Fiji’s Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka has called on the local media fraternity to be as free as they can ever be following the repealing of the Media Act 2010 last month.

He made the remarks in commemoration of World Press Freedom Day which was celebrated Wednesday.

Rabuka said the public should learn to accept the role of the media as there are people who would go against them if they do not agree with any information that the media disseminates.

He said the role of the media is only to convey information, as a messenger.

“We should also educate ourseleves, and train ourselves to accept whatever comes against us using the media freedom that is given to everyone. Some of us get easily irritated when someone says something they do not agree with. It is in cases such as those, people should not go and rubbish the media.”

Rabuka also encouraged people to enjoy their freedom in the media, as a medium in which they can express their views and raise their concerns on issues of importance to them.