North Fly MP James Donald has issued orders for Papua New Guinea police to shoot to kill people using his district for drug and gun trafficking along the PNG-Indonesian border.

Donald said this after police in Kiunga raided Mepu village along the border, and arrested and charged three men from Hela for being in possession of 3.4kg of marijuana valued at around K50,000 (US$15,000) on the street.

The three have been detained and are expected to appear before the Kiunga District Court this week.

Donald called on police to shoot to kill those involved in smuggling drugs to exchange with money and guns along the border with Indonesian.

“I wish to commend the policemen and women for doing a good job.
“It is not the first time that men from Tari and Upper Highlands, including locals from Nomad have been involved in smuggling drugs into Kiunga and Tabubil for exchange for money and guns,” he said.

“I must warn everyone that those caught involved in smuggling drugs will face the full force of the law.

I will give my directive that anyone caught with clear possession of drugs will be immediately shot on the spot to eliminate the bad one and stop them from destroying the society.

“I am going to step up the laws and give such tough penalty directives to men in blue in my electorate to carry out without fear or favour because I am tired of such bad drug issue with the ongoing law and order issues.

“If you enter Indonesia with a drug you will be shot dead on the spot. Likewise, I will implement the same in North Fly and enough is enough.

“Let me begin with from my own home route the Elevala River way. My own Gasuke and Elevala River route commuters are warn that I have given specific directive for police to shoot anyone in possession of drugs and throw then into the river and report to me directly of the case.

“The routes that drugs are smuggled are through Iowara Rampsite way and others that fly in by air from Hagen and Telefomin are given caution also.

“This country needs to now be serious and that means we have to step up as law and order issues in PNG has gone to the dogs,” Donald said.