As Fiji celebrates World Media Freedom Day, the first since the scrapping of the Media Industry Development Act, journalists are being reminded to never stop learning.

The Fijian Media Association (FMA) said press freedom matters to all journalists in the world and it goes hand in hand with citizens’ freedom to access information.

However, it is also urging all our journalists to keep learning and developing from the experiences gained and to keep improving their work in disseminating information to all citizens of the country.

FMA said freedom of expression is a key human right and this is also enshrined in the Fijian Constitution, and it indeed should act as and be used as driving tool to bring about change in the society.

It goes on to add that media as the fourth estate and agents of change have the power and trust of our people to be their voice.

The work of journalists is also undermined by disinformation or misinformation in today’s fast transforming world said FMA.

The FMA wishes to thank all stakeholders that they work with and seeks their continuous support and assistance in their everyday work..

Meanwhile, Fiji’s media industry is today celebrating World Press Freedom Day and today, The Fiji Times editor-in-chief Fred Wesley emphasised the importance of recognising the role played by journalists in upholding a free and democratic society.

Wesley applauded the coalition government’s decision to remove the restrictive Media Act of 2010 and support efforts to safeguard the safety and freedom of the press.

In a world where the internet and social media have made information dissemination easier, Wesley stressed that journalists have an even more critical role to play in providing accurate and trustworthy news while separating fact from fiction.

He highlighted the many challenges faced by journalists in fulfilling this role, including censorship, government repression, and physical danger, which were evident during the reign of the MIDA Act.

Wesley asserted that media freedom is essential to ensuring that the public has access to unbiased and reliable information, which is crucial for making informed decisions and holding those in power accountable.

Today, the University of the South Pacific School of Arts, Communication and Education is holding a panel discussion on reporting Sustainable Development Goals.