Flying Fijians Head Coach Simon Raiwalui says it would be logistically impossible to have a training camp in the build-up towards the Rugby World Cup with their diaspora of players all over the world.

Unlike neighbours, the All Blacks and Wallabies who hold a majority of players on shore now begin their preparations with intermittent camps for those earmarked, Raiwalui said it would have been great if Fiji could do the same.

“It’s unrealistic, and it’s logistically next to impossible due to releases and so on,” Raiwalui told Clarkie’s Podcast.

“We have been very conscious and it’s going to be a long campaign.

“We don’t want to overload them.

“We will talk around things such as off field culture, those sorts of things.”

“If we give the rugby now it will just confuse them, we’ve got to concentrate on what they’re doing at the clubs and that will lead to us getting a few ideas,” he added.