Fiji Sports Commission CEO Peter Mazey resigns


The Fiji Sports Commission Executive Chair Peter Mazey has decided to call it a day.

Mazey confirmed to FBC Sports that he’s stepped down from the role, however, he’s staying on as Acting Chief Executive to help with the transition period.

He said he’s been wanting to resign for over one year now as age is catching up with him.

The 74-year-old said he’s been wearing two hats since the Commission started in 2013, one being the Chair and the other as Acting CEO.

Mazey said his love for sports was the reason he stayed on.

Peter Mazey has also confirmed that he’s now the Deputy Chair for Fiji Sports Council until the line ministry and Public Service Commission finds a suitable replacement.

Meanwhile, the Fiji Sports Council acknowledges that while the HFC Bank Stadium tracks may require maintenance, it would involve an extensive engagement of resources.

The tracks, which were completely refurbished in 2013 as part of the Stadium Project then has experienced national and regional competitions over the years.

FSC Chief Operations Officer, Ashni Sharma said an overhaul of the running tracks at the Stadium is overdue for another replacement which, of course, is dependent on funding from the Government, the owners of the FSC venues.

Sharma said while the Fiji Sports Council will continue to lobby towards a sustainable capital solution, they’ll also continue to host athletics competitions, as well as, daily track training