Pacific Games to be legacy for Solomon Islands


Solomon Islands will have 24 leaders of the Pacific nations meet for the 2023 Pacific Games to be held from 10 November to 02 December 2, in Honiara this year.

And Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare says this will be the single largest unifying event for the nation – a uniting factor for Pacific Island countries to come together as one people.

He said, as well as being a legacy for Solomon Islands, this event will be the first time for the country to host the Pacific Games, after hosting a scaled-down version aptly called the Pacific Mini Games in 1981.

Sogavare singled out that the 2023 Pacific Games will not just be about ‘two weeks of sporting extravaganza’ but it will be a uniting event for the people of the Pacific which will also attract more than five thousand people on the country’s capital, Honiara in November 2023.

“…I am proud to host this event and as a first-time host of this major sporting event – all preparations and planning are underpinned by one single word – legacy,” he said.

“This 2023 Pacific Games is all about leaving a legacy for our young population, and our future generations,” Sogavare said.

“It is also the single largest unifying event for the nation. The theme for the 2023 Pacific games comprising three simple words – Challenge, Celebrate, Unite, which aptly describes Solomon Islands vision and hope that the games will continue to unify the nation,” he said.

He also thanked the Chinese Government and Australian Government for assisting his government with funding to help stage the event.

Australia has provided to the Solomon Islands more than AUS$17 million (USD$11.9 million) for the Pacific Games, second largest assistance from that of China who has helped build the Games stadiums.

Also this week, the Government’s 2023 Budget Strategy has outlined the funding on the Pacific Games as one of their priorities for this year.

About 24 countries are scheduled for competing in various fields in this event come November and their leaders are expected to be in Solomon Islands for the official opening program which is yet to be finalised and released..