Forum SG Henry Puna statement on the Parliamentary election of the new Fiji Prime Minister


I offer my congratulations to the Hon Sitiveni Rabuka on his appointment as Prime Minister of the Republic of Fiji. I also congratulate the successful appointment of his Cabinet, in line with the agreement reached by the coalition of political parties who now form Government.

As the home of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, the affairs of the people and government of Fiji are close to the hearts of many of our Secretariat staff and families.

We congratulate the people of Fiji for the peaceful observance of its democratic and constitutional processes which has resulted in the appointment of its Prime Minister at today’s Parliamentary sitting, and we stand as the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat committed to the ongoing service towards the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific, and to the service to the people and leaders of our Forum family.

I acknowledge the distinguished tenure of the Hon. Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama including his leadership as the Chair of the Pacific Islands Forum. I look forward to working with Prime Minister Rabuka and his Government as they continue Fiji’s role as Forum Chair.

Finally, and most importantly, I extend seasons blessings to the people of Fiji and their newly elected Parliamentarians, and to the Prime Minister as he confirms his government.

Fiji has come through a general election and its subsequent Parliamentary milestone and can now fully enjoy the full measure of this festive season. Thank you for upholding the values of peace and goodwill as we, together, look forward to working towards a productive and successful 2023.