Australia support Fiji’s election process: Foreign Minister Wong


Australian foreign affairs minister Penny Wong has commended Fiji’s General election on Wednesday that was conducted in a peaceful manner.

Wong was responding to Fiji’s main opposition leader, Sitiveni Rabuka who said his party has no faith in the election count that’s underway.

Rabuka said he will complain to Fiji’s election office and petition the country’s President on the matter.

“Look, I’m not going to comment on the domestic politics of Fiji. But I would say this, you know, we sent, at Fiji’s request, representatives from our parliament, to co lead the multinational observer group, I think we co-led with India and Indonesia.

“It appears to have been conducted, and I can only speak from here, peacefully in an orderly manner.

“We continue to support democracy and elections and an appropriate election process in Fiji and we’re very pleased that the multinational observer group was able to participate,” said Wong during her visit in Palau.