PNG Immigration Minister Kramer welcomes Leadership tribunal to suspend him from office


Madang Open MP Bryan Kramer has welcomed the decision of the Leadership Tribunal to suspend him from office and vowed to prove his innocence at the tribunal hearing.

In a statement, he maintained that the allegations made against him in his Leadership Tribunal are unfounded and baseless.

The leadership tribunal is the only place to clear his name, without pre-empting the outcome of the tribunal.

The Minister for Labour and Immigration was suspended from his leadership role by operation of law following the presentation of the reference and statement of reasons to the Tribunal by the Public Prosecutor last week Friday.

He said he has already explained why these allegations fail to raise any actual elements of dishonesty, material misconduct or personal benefit.

The 14 allegations raised against Krammer relate to the misapplication of funds by the Madang District Development Authority.

Kramer told reporters outside court last Friday that, now that the allegations have been made known to him, he will be defending the case vigorously.

The Tribunal has adjourned to 14 October, 2022, for Kramer to respond to each of the allegations.