Independent report finds ANZ’s financial literacy programme helps seasonal workers improve financial wellbeing


    An independent report by Melbourne’s RMIT University into the impact of MoneyMinded, ANZ’s financial inclusion programme, has found that the program has significantly strengthened the financial knowledge, skills and capabilities of seasonal workers.

    Commenting at the launch of the report, ANZ Fiji Country Head Rabih Yazbek, said: “ANZ’s commitment to MoneyMinded reflects the importance we place on the financial wellbeing of our people, customers and communities, helping them make the most of their money throughout their lives.

    “We will continue to support seasonal workers and others in the community through MoneyMinded so they can improve their livelihoods and manage their finances for the future.

    “There was overwhelming evidence that MoneyMinded helped seasonal workers to make the most of their income from the work trips and invest back into their household and community.

    “Many were able to diversify income streams, invest in their homes or small businesses, prepare for unexpected expenses, and better afford education for their children.

    “By promoting and encouraging financial literacy and education with seasonal workers, we’re helping to build a savings culture and reducing the reliance on remittances,” Yazbek said.