Government can’t stop us from winning: Fiji Opposition


National Federation Party leader Biman Prasad says the Fijian government won’t be able to stop them and the People’s Alliance from winning this year’s general election.

Prasad said the lies spread by Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama during his official tours around the country won’t stop the two parties from winning this year’s election.

“We are ready for the 2022 general election and ready to form the new government after this year’s general election,” he said.

“The new government that would be formed after the election would be the People’s Alliance and the National Federation Party.

“Whether he is giving rugby ball, attending prefect inductions or using state media, they won’t stop us from winning this year’s election,” he said.

He said every people that speak to needs a change in government.

“We have travelled around the country talking to villagers, farmers, people in the settlements and union members, all of them are saying they need a change in government,” he said.

“People can see this change within the People’s Alliance and National Federation Party. We have a strong and historical pattern partnership.

“The partnerships between the two political parties are going to save this country from further disaster. It would require working with our people and giving them freedom.

“Disaster that the Bainimarama government has left this country into would require visionary leadership. There would be a need to put policies where it matters,” he said.

He said the two parties will be putting out their visions of this country when the time is appropriate.

Meanwhile, the People’s Alliance has a backup plan in case its leader Sitiveni Rabuka cannot contest the upcoming general election.

In a press conference, party leader Sitiveni Rabuka said the party has a backup plan in case he cannot contest the upcoming general election.

Rabuka said one of the three deputy leaders will have to step in for him in case he will not be able to contest this year’s election.

“We have deputy leaders just like the Social Democratic Liberal Party. They will fill in for me in case I will not be able to contest in this year’s general election,” he said.

“It is a fair call by the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre and Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises and Development that parties campaign on issues rather than race or religion.

“Also, I do agree with them for a caretaker government to be put in place during the campaign period. A caretaker government is a temporary ad-hoc government.

“They perform some of the government and function until a regular government is elected or formed. It usually consists of permanent secretaries,” he said.

Rabuka said a caretaker government is usually limited in their functions, serving only to maintain the status quo rather than truly govern and propose new legislation.