Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says Fiji will always support peace.

Speaking on Radio Fiji One’s “Nai Lalakai” programme, the Prime Minister says Fiji has Ukraine in its prayers as the invasion by Russia continues.

He said Fiji has already made its stance clear that it does not support what Ukrainians are going through.

Bainimarama said the world is going through a difficult time and some leaders are not able to steer their ships in the right direction.

He said the Pacific region is not spared by what is happening around the world.

Bainimarama said there is fear of the use of nuclear weapons that could threaten humanity.

He said Fiji will strive for peace and unification.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has urged Fijians not to be complacent about their health.

Bainimarama has just returned from Australia after going through medical treatment and says early warnings of health complications should not be taken lightly.

Bainimarama acknowledges the prayers of many saying it helped in his recovery.

Now back at home and ready to serve, the Prime Minister wishes to remind Fijians that health and wellbeing is paramount.
“Most of the time, we really do not consider the seriousness of symptoms of some sickness we may have, I want to encourage you today to visit a doctor or go to a clinic and get a medical check-up and don’t wait until the last minute.”

Bainimarama also said his time away may have worried many, however, he thanked the prayers and support that he and his family have been receiving.

“I’m glad to be able to speak to you again my fellow countrymen. It has been a while and I thank every single prayer and thought from you all. I may have worried you all but I am back now.”

The Prime Minister said his time away has also bored him as he has longed to return to serve the people.

Bainimarama also took time to thank the medical team that looked after him while in Australia.

He thanked his team at the government and every civil servant who continued to be loyal to their duties during the time he was away.