Russia-Ukraine conflict to impact Pacific economies – USP academic


The invasion of Ukraine is likely to have a significant impact on the Pacific, warns a senior USP academic.

Last Thursday, Russia commenced a massive invasion of neighbouring Ukraine.

Although geographically removed from the conflict the Pacific nations should be concerned about the negative effect this war will have on multilateralism says Sandra Tarte, an Associate Professor at the University of the South Pacific and the Acting Head of the School for Law and Social Sciences.

“Multilateralism is on its knees, it’s in tatters,” Professor Tarte said. “Particularly for the smaller island countries, we really need multilateralism to protect ourselves.

“We don’t have power as such in the entire system. We rely on multilateralism and institutions like the UN and the rule of law.”

Professor Tarte also said that Pacific countries will feel an economic impact.

“We will see perhaps markets react, we will see confidence plummet,” she explained. “There might be supply chain issues with the oil markets.

“We are all connected. Through this global supply chain, we will see potential effects,” said Tarte.