EU seeks Fiji’s support in condemning Russia


The European Union Ambassador to Fiji is hoping that the Fijian government will support their position and condemn the actions of Russia against Ukraine.

Speaking to FBC News, Ambassador Sujiro Seam has echoed the sentiments of world leaders and condemned the unprovoked and unjustified military actions adding that Russia is grossly violating international law.

He said it is a sad moment for Europe and the world as this is the first dramatic event since World War Two.

Ambassador Seam said EU Office in Suva will also be reaching out to its partners in Fiji and the Pacific to condemn such actions.

He is also hoping to meet with senior Government officials late Friday.

“We are coordinating with the Government of Fiji to see how we can better coordinate our positions. We hope the Government of Fiji because it has been a champion of the multilateral system including in the United Nation will support our position in condemning Russia.”

Ambassador Seam said the economic consequences of the Russian attacks will affect countries like Fiji as well.

“We are looking very carefully at the oil prices for example. And we know that for countries in the Pacific, oil prices is a very significant driver for economic growth and economic stability but this crisis is major and it has the potential to disrupt a lot of things in a lot of different areas, the economy is one of them, the political situation, of course, is our primary concern.”

Meanwhile, Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Satyendra Prasad said Fiji is in support of the UN’s call for a de-escalation of conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

On his official Twitter account, Prasad states Fiji supports the UN’s efforts to have a swift return to the path of dialogue between the two warring nations.

He has concurred with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’s address to the UN General Assembly, where he said it was high time that negotiations were held to save the people in Ukraine and beyond, from the scourge of war.