Solomon Islands has announced the country’s international borders will open by 01 July 2022.

This is for those coming in and leaving the country.

“We will make sure that we no longer have as much restrictions as we currently have,” said Secretary to the Prime Minister and Vice-Chairman of Oversight Committee Dr Jimmie Rodgers during an Oversight Committee talk-back show.

However, he admits that: “Already most of the restrictions we had—two months ago have been relaxed because we have community transmission.”

“By the 1st of July we anticipate the restrictions will go down further to almost no restrictions. Full open border,” said Dr Rodgers.

He said this means vaccination must step-up.

“We would like to achieve 60 to 70 percent full vaccination by 1st of July,” said the SPM.

He said the higher the numbers “we can open our border with confidence.”

As of Monday’s data, the fully vaccinated population is around 32 percent whereas those with first dose is around 59 percent.

Dr Rodgers is optimistic that it is possible for the country to achieve 90 percent plus of it population vaccinated by the end of the year.

The country’s border was closed in early 2020 following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under current requirements those travelling to Solomon Islands must have two negative tests but will still have to undergo 14 days’ quarantine in a government approved quarantine centre.