Three new centres to assist Pacific Island countries


China is focusing on establishing three centers to assist Pacific Island countries including Fiji in addressing certain issues.

Chinese Ambassador to Fiji, Qian Bo explains that the three centres are Pacific Island countries emergency supply reserve, Poverty Alleviation & Cooperative Development and Pacific Island countries Climate change cooperation limited.

Ambassador Bo said the China Pacific countries emergency supply reserve centre has been established in Guangzhou, China in October to help the region respond to natural disasters.

“So far there are not too many items stockpiled but there are some basic items already in stock in this centre. In short, this centre has already started functioning.”

Ambassador Bo said t at China will also provide opportunities for Fijians to be trained on how to mitigate the impacts of climate change under the climate change cooperation.

“We will identify some targeted projects which is climate change projects. We will experiment on some climate change projects as well in the South Pacific including Fiji. This way, we will be able to work and help our friends in Fiji.”

The Chinese Ambassador also highlighted that the Bilateral trade between the two countries shows strong growth in the first nine months of 2021 and the overall trade rose 37.6 percent year on year.

“China’s import increased significantly by 2.7 times. Approximately 55,000 tonnes of woodchips valued at $6.4 million (US$3 million) were exported to China in May which inject confidence into the Fiji Pine Group.”

Ambassador Bo said they hope to further increase and improve trade between the two countries moving forward.

The Chinese Ambassador said that their focus is also on improving local infrastructures.