Omicron cases prompt COVID safety warning in Fiji


Fiji’s Ministry of Health says finding the Omicron variant in travellers in border quarantine is not unexpected, given how quickly it has spread worldwide.

Permanent Secretary for Health, Dr James Fong said it is a sharp reminder that the key to avoiding restrictions and lockdowns is for Fijians to remain cautious about how they engage in the greater freedom they currently enjoy.

Two Fijian nationals who returned from Africa have tested positive for Omicron.

Dr Fong said they are concerned with the lack of adherence to COVID safe measures in gatherings throughout the country, especially masking in indoor public spaces.

“Now I have asked all the spotters to escalate their fining in an attempt to try and curb these excessive unsafe practices that are happening in gatherings. What we had done was that we pre-empted that there were countries that could generate a new variant. We pre-empted that and we made sure those countries have escalated pre-departure protocol”.

The Ministry of Health states that while the easing of restriction is needed to facilitate livelihoods, Fijians must continue to observe the COVID safe measures and avoid contained spaces and crowds.