Malaita eyes independence: Premier Suidani


The Malaita Provincial Government in Solomon Islands is seeking the assistance of the United Nations Security Council to fulfil recommendations in the Townsville Peace Agreement (TPA) for an independent Malaita.

Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani revealed this on Monday during a public address in the provincial capital, Auki.

Suidani told the public gathering that the provincial government and Malaita for Democracy and Development (M4D) have already sent a letter to the United Nations Security Council to send a survey team to gather the views of Malaita people on self-autonomy.

“We have to move to another level.

“This idea was already with the UN so let’s ask them to come down and survey this thing.

“Come and do it for us.

“The letter was already sent to UN Security Council but whilst we stand by those thoughts they will come and deal with it.

“Let’s move to the legal way, the way they agree to it,” Suidani said.

He said since the establishment of the TPA 21 years ago nothing has been done about it.

“We will push, and we will talk, and we will negotiate it when those from the U.S come, and I will inform you the public on this as well.

“This issue has remained for a long time – 21 years – it’s too long.

“Those children who were born when the agreement was made are already married and the agreement remains untouched.

“So that is your information, the MARA Government with M4D have decided to move on to another level with the TPA for an autonomous government,” Suidani said Monday.

Suidani said the outcome of the motion of no confidence is not a concern for Malaita as the focus now is to work towards self-autonomy for Malaita Province.

“This thinking is the way to go,” the provincial premier said.

“So, people of Malaita we are now talking, we cannot be silenced, we cannot remain as we are, no one will listen to our voice.

“We must struggle by ourselves; we have to talk for ourselves. We are the people of this province, and we have to talk for ourselves. So let us start there.”

According to Suidani, a survey will be conducted throughout Malaita Province to gather people’s view on an independent Malaita.

“Surveyor will come and if you agree tick yes and if you disagree tick no. No one will arrest you.

“The survey will enable us to see if we still want to remain with the government or we move on,” he said.

He said the provincial government will not be making this decision on its own, it had to listen to the people.

The premier wanted the survey to start in January 2022.

“So, speak to us during the one-month survey.

“I want 30 January all survey to arrive back in Auki for us to see who wants this and who does not want this.

“It doesn’t mean we will be independent; we just want to find out who wants it and who doesn’t,” the premier said.

“This thinking is the way to go.

“Everyone must cooperate with MARA Government and our people who you put up here. If you disagree come and talk to MARA Government or tick no inside the form,” said Suidani.

Meanwhile, Solomon Islands Minister for Education and Human Resources Development says it is disheartening that whenever there is a civil unrest, it’s the country’s education system that is always blamed for violence resulting in looting, burning of properties, hatred and killing.

Member of Parliament for Gizo/Kolobangara Lanelle Tanagada said this on the floor of parliament during Monday’s motion of no confidence against the incumbent Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

“Critics of the education system think that the education that rioters have had not prepared them for life and so they are engaged in unlawful activities much to the misery of business owners,” she expressed.

She however alluded that the terrible things that rioters who are mostly youths did are not what they are taught or learned in schools beginning in elementary education but rather things they are misled to do by the influence of others.

“The youths that involved in the recent civil unrest did havoc to the business houses because they are influenced and misled by others into believing that what they had done was right thing to do and was the best solution to pull down the government of the day.”

Tanagada who speak on behalf of government believes there are forces at play that have contributed to the disunity among our people and communities.