COP26: the world’s best chance to save our one blue planet – Pacific ACP Leaders call on G20 for climate action


Ahead of the G20 Rome Summit and COP26 in Glasgow, Pacific Leaders have written a letter to G20 Leaders, asking the G20 to do their part, as the countries behind most of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, to ensure an end to the global climate crisis.

Pacific Leaders state; “We do not have the luxury of time and must join forces urgently and deliver the required ambition at COP26 to safeguard the future of all humankind, and our planet”.

The letter to the President of the G20 Rome Summit, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, attaches the ACP Leaders Statement on COP 26 for a 1.5-degree world, and asks G20 Leaders to ensure they “help set our path to ending our global climate change crisis, and ensuring no is left behind in our post COVID-19 world.”

Pacific Islands Forum Secretary General Henry Puna said; “G20 members are responsible for around 75 per cent of the global contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, so a strong commitment and outcome from the G20 Rome Summit will pave the way for an ambitious and successful COP26”.

“Pacific ACP Leaders urge G20 Leaders to make decisive commitments on climate action, including revised Nationally Determined Contribution targets that keep 1.5 degree Celsius within reach, carbon neutrality by 2050, the phase-out of coal plants and all fossil fuel subsidies and investments, and delivery of the USD$100 billion climate finance goal, with a balanced allocation between adaptation and mitigation”, said Puna.

The COVID-19 pandemic must not delay ambitious climate action and recovery must be catalysed through green investments and technologies that are sustainable, clean, climate-smart and in line with net zero emissions by 2050.