Pacific’s mission in Glasgow is clear: Fiji PM Bainimarama


Leaders who cannot summon the courage to unveil the commitments and policy packages at COP26 should not bother booking a flight to Glasgow.

Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama said instead, those leaders and the selfish interests they stand for should face consequences.

Bainimarama said the Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) are demanding net-zero emissions and accepting zero excuses.

He said at COP26, the global north must finally deliver on US$100 billion per year in climate finance and agree to a pathway to increase financing commitments to at least US$750 billion per year from 2025 onwards.

“If we can spend trillions on missiles, drones, and submarines, we can fund climate action. It is criminal that vulnerable Pacific Small Island Developing States can access a mere .05 percent of the climate finance currently available to protect ourselves from an existential crisis we did not cause.”

He said in a month hugely consequential COP will convene in Scotland and the Pacific’s mission in Glasgow is clear to keep the 1.5 targets alive.

Bainimarama said this demands drastic emission cuts by 2030 that put large nations on the path towards net-zero emissions before 2050.