Trade and transportation key agenda items for Micronesian leaders’ summit


The leaders of Micronesia are holding their annual summit in Nauru, with the dominant subject to be trade and transportation.

This comes amid plans by all five members, Nauru, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Palau and Kiribati to leave the Pacific Forum.

This subject is on the agenda but the Nauru president, Lionel Aingimea urged frank and candid dialogue on the theme of “Sustainable Transportation and Trade through the Micronesian Region.”

He said it is vital under the circumstance of Covid-19, and is also “far-reaching, presenting an opportunity for our sub-region to work collectively and in collaboration to promote prosperity through economic development, peace, and security.”

Aingimea said the Micronesia region faces an “environment overwrought with challenges, prevalent and emerging, including Covid-19, climate change, food security, high transportation costs, intrusive geo-politics, security issues and of course our imminent withdrawal from the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.”

“Against this backdrop, we as leaders are duty-bound to navigate and guide our island nations towards a path of resilience and sustainability for future generations,” Aingimea said.