Pacific Journalists learn and share knowledge on Whistleblowing

Fiji journalists at the PACJN webinar on Whistleblowing
Fiji journalists at the PACJN webinar on Whistleblowing

The Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) in collaboration with the United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption Project (UNPRAC) and UNDP have embarked on an eight month project to build the skills and capacity of journalists to report on corruption in the Pacific.

Beginning in March, PINA and UNPRAC have jointly organised two knowledge sharing webinars on Anti-Money Laundering and Whistleblowing for Pacific journalists.

In Suva, on 31 March 2021, 13 journalists joined their colleagues from Palau, Tonga, Vanuatu and Samoa for the session on Whistleblowing, moderated by PACJN Co-ordinator, Samisoni Pareti.

Two senior Pacific journalists – Dan McGarry, the former publisher of Vanuatu Daily Post and Anish Chand, formerly of Fiji Television Limited shared their experiences on dealing with whistleblowers in their line of work.

Key messages from the webinar;

“It’s harder now than ever before to be a whistleblower…Journalists need to find a way, partnerships, working together can be the way through..”

“The overarching message of the today’s excellent knowledge session is that #whistleblowing is one of the most effective ways to detect & prevent #corruption & safeguard public interest!