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Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Address: 69 Gladstone Road, Suva
Country: Fiji Islands
Contact: Chief Executive Officer, Mr Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum,
Phone: +679 3314333

Categories: Radio, TV, Online Media

In January 1998 the Fiji Broadcasting Commission was corporatised under the Government’s public sector reform programme and renamed Island Network Corporation Limited.

In June 1999, the change in Government also led to another change in name – this time to the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Limited.

From its humble beginnings, the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation today operates a network of six radio stations; two in each of the three major languages (i-Taukei, Hindustani and English).

The stations are Radio Fiji One and Bula FM (i-Taukei), Radio Fiji Two and Mirchi FM (Hindustani) and Gold FM and 2Day FM (English).

Radio Fiji One and Radio Fiji Two are classified as public service broadcast stations governed under a contract between the government and the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation. Under this contract the Government “buys” airtime on the two stations and contributes towards its operations.

The other arm of the FBC is its commercial operations under which fall four radio stations – Bula FM, Gold FM, Mirchi FM and 2day FM.

The FBC also provides a free to air television service. Our programmes focus on issues faced by the people of Fiji on a daily basis. As the national broadcaster, FBC TV carries immense community service responsibility which is reflected in the content of the network.

Along with our commercial TV programmes, we also have high quality local programmes such as documentaries, social programmes and more. These not only inform and educate the masses, but also mould the younger generation for the future.”

FBC is wholly government-owned with a four-member board of directors appointed by its shareholders.

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