FijiFirst President Ratu Joji Satakala maintains that its 16 members of parliament who voted for the salaries and allowances raised for MPs, and Alvick Maharaj, who was part of the Emolument Committee but did not vote, no longer hold seats in Parliament.

The party reiterates its stance, although it has yet to hear from Speaker of Parliament Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu.

Ratu Joji said notifications were made to all these individuals, and the Speaker last Thursday about the decision FijiFirst is taking as the 17 did not follow the party directive, which it says was for them to vote against the motion.

He claims that these individuals have since been making statements that are misleading and personalised.

He said the comments made reveal that they are more concerned about themselves and their political and personal careers than the future of FijiFirst.

Ratu Joji saod the principle and main matter at hand is that FijiFirst opposes any pay rise and increase in benefits for members of Parliament and those listed in Parliamentary Remunerations Act.

He said there is no legal, economic, social, moral, or ethical justification at this point in time for a pay raise for MPs, the Speaker and the President.

Meanwhile, those FijiFirst Members whom the party does not recognise now as its MPs are challenging the decision of the party.

Last week, their representative approached the Speaker for clarifications on the legality of the stance of the party.