Fijian Drua head coach Mick Byrne is expected to make minimal changes when he names his side for their Super Rugby Pacific clash with the Highlanders in Dunedin.

Speaking to FBC Sports, Byrne said he’s tempted to keep the same starting 15 that played last week.

However, there’s expected to be a new inside centre as rookie Waqa Nalaga is still nursing an injury he sustained in his debut against the Reds in Suva.

Byrne said sometimes teams fail to turn up and back a good win after a week.

“I’m very tempted, they responded very well last week, I like to reward the side for the way they went about it and also give them another challenge to be like that, and prepare like that after a victory it’s another good challenge for the team sometimes when you come back after a big loss it’s a little bit easier to be driven and turn up in a driven way and focus on what you need to do.”

Fijian Drua head coach Mick Byrne will next season pass the baton to Glen Jackson, someone he has known for over 20 years.

In an interview with FBC Sports, Byrne said the man they call ‘Jacko’ is a friend, mate, and a professional colleague he coached and now coaching with.

Byrne said it’s a great appointment because it’ll make sure the continuity of what they’ve started.

“With Jacko being here three years he knows the road that we’ve gone down that haven’t quite worked for us over the last three years, he won’t have to re-visit any of those and he’ll put his own mark on this team, I know he’ll do very well and also with me still being around I’ll be able to work with him, and we’ve got a good relationship that will also foster a good relationship for the Flying Fijians and Drua moving forward.”

Jackson was appointed as Byrne’s successor from next year after signing a three year deal with the Drua.