The United States, one of the donors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has raised the issue of procurement as a critical issue for the bank to address.

U.S Governor representative to the ADB, Alexia Latortue said her government has played a pivotal role in driving ADB’s procurement reforms since 2017.

This was the first step in shifting from a rigid, exclusive focus on lowest cost to recognising quality and value-for-money as core principles.

Latortue urged the ADB to redouble its efforts to strengthen implementation of the procurement reforms – including providing additional support for capacity building in recipient countries.

For vulnerable members, those in fragile and conflict situations and small island developing states, the senior U.S Treasury official asked that differentiated approached be considered.

“The timelines associated with project design, procurement, and execution mean that realising the benefits of these reforms is a gradual process.

“Developing member countries are best served when there is a level playing field and strong competition from bidders that have the capability and commitment to deliver good value-for money outcomes.”

American companies are some of the best and most innovative in the world, and we are equally focused on fostering greater interest in ADB procurement opportunities to help drive high quality development outcomes, she said.