A Coalition Agreement was signed by leaders of four political parties on Saturday to form the next government in Solomon Islands.

The four political parties consist of the three parties that make up the Coalition for Accountability Reform and Empowerment (CARE) and Solomon Islands United Party (SIUP).

The agreement was signed by the SIUP wing leader Peter Kenilorea, SIDP wing leader Matthew Wale, Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) wing leader Rick Houenipwela and Umi for Change Party(U4C) wing leader Daniel Waneoroa.

The signing was done at the Heritage Park Hotel.

A statement from the Group said the signing is a commitment made by the Party Leaders in response to the cries of the people in this country for a change in government and leadership for Solomon Islands.

Rick Houenipwela of the Democratic Alliance Party said the newly formed coalition had not decided which party leader to nominate as the bloc’s candidate for prime minister.

“Our Group is responding to the cries and wishes of our people to take back Solomon Islands and to bring back confidence in the leadership and the governing of our country,” the statement said.

The Group said it is a show of solidarity and commitment for real and meaningful change.

“We appeal to all newly elected independent MPs voted on a mandate for change to join us. Let us take back Solomon Islands,” the statement said.

CARE commands a total of 13 MPs whilst SIUP has seven MPs totalling 20 MPs altogether.
The two parties are vying with former prime minister Manasseh Sogavare’s party to form a government.

Independents and micro parties won 15 seats. They will be heavily lobbied in the race to find the 26 seats needed to form a government.

Sogavare said last week his party had the support of two micro parties and would woo independents.

Negotiations are taking place in the capital Honiara, where newly elected lawmakers have flown from other islands.