The new Ambassador of Japan to Fiji Rokuichiro Michii says over four tons of methamphetamine seized in Nadi are enough to make every Fijian citizen intoxicated more than 4,000 times.

Speaking at the RFNF Viti base in Togalevu outside of Suva, Ambassador Michii said evidence suggests that 0.001 to 0.005 grams of meth is enough to make a person intoxicated.

He said in this case this can mean that having the drugs distributed among every citizen in Fiji can have massive consequences.

“If we divide four tons for simplicity by 0.001 and further divide by the population of Fiji, we will get 4,444. That means if this amount is consumed by people here, every single Fijian can get intoxicated 4,444 times. This is just an absurd amount.”

The Japanese Ambassador said collaboration among equal partners is needed to address the drug issue in Fiji and the region.

Michii said Japan acknowledges the effort by law enforcement agencies for the successful seizure in Nadi.

He said it shows effort to address the issue while at the same time sending out a warning for anyone wanting to take advantage of the country as a hub for drug trade.