The Secretary General of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), Patricia Scotland, has expressed her admiration for Samoa’s preparations for the upcoming event, highlighting the beauty of the venues and the enthusiasm of the local community.

The Secretary-General visited Samoa last week and took to social media to share her feedback about the trip which she believed ensured the safety and wellbeing of the guests who will arrive in October.

“It’s a real privilege to be here in Samoa looking at the most beautiful venues. There are some of our greatest Commonwealth citizens who will be able to come and stay during the CHOGM,” said Scotland, acknowledging the stunning backdrop of Samoa.

Scotland commended the efforts of Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mata’afa and her team, expressing anticipation for welcoming leaders from all 56 Commonwealth countries to Samoa.

“We are examining everything and the beauty of Samoa is just breathtaking as you can see,” she remarked, emphasising the meticulous planning underway.

Reflecting on her visit to various venues across the island, Scotland praised the passion and dedication of the local organisers.

“The passion, the care, and absolute concentration on what would be best for all of us has been at the forefront of all our colleagues’ minds here in Samoa,” she noted.

Despite the ongoing preparations, Scotland took a moment to engage in a friendly game of netball with local girls, admiring their energy and enthusiasm.

“It was really special to be able to play netball with the young girls in Samoa,” she shared, highlighting the vibrant spirit of the community.

As Samoa prepares to host CHOGM 2024, Scotland emphasised the significance of the event for the Commonwealth.

“It’s amazing to be here in Samoa in preparation for CHOGM 2024, one of resilient Commonwealth countries,” she remarked, underscoring Samoa’s role as the first small island developing state to host the meeting.

With 56 countries and 2.5 billion people represented, Scotland expressed confidence that the event would be a success.

“The preparation is extraordinary and I know everyone is going to have the most amazing time and it will be welcomed to Samoa in October 2024,” she concluded, looking forward to a memorable gathering in Apia.