Fiji’s Military Chief of Staff Land Force Command, Colonel (Col) Viliame Draunibaka, officiated the launch of the new established unit under the Third Battalion of Fiji Infantry Regiment (3FIR), called the Rapid Respond Infantry Company Group (RRICG), Monday at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks (QEB), Nabua.

This initiative is in line with the Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (CRFMF) strategic plan for 2022 and beyond.

While officiating the establishment of this new company, Colonel Draunibaka highlighted the five strategic priorities and how crucial their role was to these objectives.

“I am honoured to address this distinguished unit, the RRICG, on the importance of your role in advancing the intent of the CRFMF, particularly in addressing critical global issues such as climate change, peacekeeping, and terrorism,” Colonel Draunibaka said.

“I want to emphasise the importance of your role as members of the RRICG in advancing the intent of Commander RFMF. Whether it’s responding to natural disasters or promoting peace and stability, your dedication and professionalism are instrumental in safeguarding Fiji’s interests and promoting regional security.

Together, let us uphold the values of integrity, courage, and service as we confront the challenges of today and build a safer, more prosperous future for generations to come.”

Colonel Draunibaka also emphasised that their role as RRICG is to provide a highly mobile and flexible infantry force capable of rapidly deploying and responding to various types of military operations, including peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance.

“As members of the RRICG, your role is to provide assistance during natural disasters exacerbated by climate change or support sustainable development initiatives; your role in addressing climate-related challenges is indispensable.” Colonel Draunibaka said.

The selection for the RRICG has commenced this week and will identify candidates who will join the RRICG.