East Sepik Governor and alternative Prime Minister Allan Bird says he is not desperate to become Papua New Guinea prime minister.

“But someone needs to step up and seriously address the issues which are destroying our country. Those problems will not fix themselves.

“Since my nomination, I have been advised by a Deputy Police Commissioner that my life is under threat and they are monitoring the situation.”

He said he has been informed by senior Government ministers that his phones have been illegally taped.

“I am told by reliable sources that various State Institutions have been instructed to try find anything illegal on me and charge me and arrest me.

“All the apparatus of State have been put on full alert to hunt down the most dangerous criminal in PNG: his name is Allan Bird,” he said.

Bird said this is not the country he was born into; this is not the country the founding fathers envisioned.

“I have the best job in the world as Governor of East Sepik. I have many good people working in my province at all levels. I just support them and they do a great job, it’s not perfect, but they are trying and improving,” he said.

He added that with the recent transfer and demotion of East Sepik’s police commander Christopher Tamari political, punishment is already on foot.

“We have to start again with rebuilding our police force. If my colleague leaders feel that I am incompetent and unfit for the job, I will happily go back to building my people of greater Sepik.

At least try to insulate my province from the nation’s greater problems. We still have to fix our power problems and find enough money to fix all our roads, schools and health services,” he said.