The Fijian Drua starts gearing up today for round four of Super Rugby Pacific against the Chiefs this weekend.

They took a break Sunday after their first win against the Crusaders at home and are back today, aiming for their second away game victory in three seasons in the competition.

The first time Drua won an away game was against Moana Pasifika in their first season at CommBank Stadium in Parramatta.

Coach Mick Byrne saids it’s never an easy task but it’s possible.

“We will look at the Chiefs today and for us, it’s just to keep building what we’re doing. I think when we play our game we will have some tactical areas we will look into Chiefs but the big one for us is to focus on our game, continue to carry the ball well, look after the ball around the contact area and recycle it and go again.”

He said that he has a capable team that should be proactive when they have the chance.

Meanwhile, Swire Shipping Fijian Drua coach Mick Byrne believes the win against the Crusaders was deserved as his team really went after the game.

Byrne describes it as a tough game, with both teams struggling to find their rhythm, but winning eased all the tension.
“Full credit to them because we came in at half time and I know this is our home but we were still struggling and then we came out in the second half and went after the game and that’s what we asked to do to go after the game and every single player responded and I’m so proud of them.”

They will go against Chiefs at at 6.30pm on Saturday at FMG Stadium Waikato.