As the Fiji Police Force tries its best to uncover those involved in the illicit drug trade, the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) Commander affirmed the military’s willingness to assist within legal limitations.

Major General Ro Jone Kalouniwai has expressed deep concerns about the increasing presence of illicit drugs particularly involving children.

Following the recent massive seizures of methamphetamine in Nadi and cocaine in Lautoka, Ro Jone revealed being approached by various stakeholders including provincial councils, NGOs and ministers regarding the drug crisis.

He stresses the need for a coordinated national response to address this growing issue.

Ro Jone outlined potential support in areas like security for police raids and escorts.

“The assistance or support from the RFMF is always there. As I said, it’s always there. All we need is consent from the commissioner of police to assist. But at the same time, we are cautious about getting involved with drugs.

It’s not our role. We don’t have the expertise to do it, but we can assist in terms of providing security for police personnel during the conduct of their raids and providing escorts if there’s a requirement for us to provide escorts as well.”

Ro Jone further emphasised the need for a societal approach.

“We are reaching a point where national security becomes a concern when you’re relating it to drugs. Looking at the amount of things happening around us, the amount of drugs that have been confiscated, and those that are using drugs, it’s becoming an issue, a social issue for everyone now.
Children are becoming involved, from primary kids up to adults. And it’s important; it’s important that it becomes a national issue that takes precedence now so that we can help try and manage this particular issue.”

While acknowledging the RFMF’s limited role, Ro Jone reiterated the importance of respecting legal boundaries.

He called for a unified national effort to combat the drug problem, citing the involvement of various stakeholders as crucial.