Thirteen political parties are slated to participate in the upcoming General Election in the Solomon Islands scheduled for April this year.

Registration of a new political party does not have a time frame that depicts when to register and when not to.

This is according to Solomon Islands Acting Registrar of the Political Parties Commission, Glinson Galo when clarifying reports that stated the registering process of a party will stop nine months before the election date.

He said only the period between the announcement of the election date by the Governor general, and the day after the release of election results is not allowed to register any new political parties.

“The period is called the blank out period and it’s the only time the commission will not allow any registration of any new political party,” Galo clarified.

He said that the number of Political Parties currently registered at the Political Parties Commission stands at thirteen.

Galo, however said parties that will be contesting the national general election will be confirmed at the commencement of the nomination period.

He said five Political Parties were deregistered last year because of noncompliance with the Political Parties Integrity Act.

“Last year we suspended three political parties and de-registered them based on the grounds that there are certain sections within the Political Parties Integrity Act those parties are not complying with,” Galo said.

He said the commission has approved the registration of three new political parties this year.
Meanwhile, Provincial Police Commanders (PPCs) and Directors of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) have commenced a one-week conference in Honiara in preparation for the synchronised 2024 National General Election.

The PPCs and Directors conference which started Monday will conclude on Friday.

It is conducted under the theme ‘Empower, Prevail and Protect’ which were officiated by the Commissioner of RSIPF.

RSIPF Commissioner Mostyn Mangau said: “It is with great honour to be given this important moment to officiate the opening ceremony for the RSIPF PPCs and Directors 2024 conference. This conference is very important for the RSIPF because it is where all matters pertaining to NGE 2024 and operational work plans will be discussed and finalised.

“The main focus of the conference is for the PPCs and Directors to discuss, deliberate and develop operational work plan strategies and priorities mostly to implement during the NGE 2024 event. This will also align and link to the implementation of the organization Annual Business Plan 2024 and the RSIPF Strategic Directions 2021 to 2025 as a whole.

“I am also informed that during this conference, you will be further deliberate through presentations of your NGE24 operational plans and strategies. This will include RSIPF resources capability support, their execution timelines and administration support to ensure this very important national event is conducted peacefully in our beloved country Solomon Islands. In saying that, I believe PPCs and Directors will formalise and approve their work plans in alignment with the main operation plans for the upcoming NGE event.

“I’m aware our bilateral policing partners will continue to provide police support and assistance during the NGE 2024 event. Therefore, all of you who are here as leaders of RSIPF are to ensure that the operation plan you develop will provide a Safe and peaceful Solomon Islands during NGE 2024 that will meet the earnest expectations of our people and citizens of this nation.

“This conference is significant for the organisation and Solomon Islands as a whole. So, I encourage all of you to work together to achieve your goals as mandated by our constitution and the Police Act. Moreover, I hope by the end of the conference you will have an approved NGE 2024 Operation Order and your work plans will assist you in achieving your operational goals,” he said.