Samoa will host the signing of the new Partnership Agreement between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries in Apia on 15 November 2023.

The Samoa Agreement has a 20-year life span and will serve as the legal framework between the EU relations with 79 countries that include 47 African, 16 Caribbean and 15 Pacific countries, to promote and expedite the economic, cultural and social development of the ACP States, with a view to contributing to peace and security and to promoting a stable and democratic political environment.

The European Union’s new Ambassador to Samoa, Barbara Plinkert congratulated Samoa as host of the signing of the Samoa Agreement that she described as “a historic milestone not only for Samoa but for all member states.”

The new Ambassador presented her Letter of Credence to the Member of Council of Deputies, Afioga Le Mamea Tuiletufuga Ropati Mualia at the credentials ceremony last week.

Ambassador Barbara Plinkert reaffirmed the European Union’s close partnership with Samoa which is founded on the shared common values and interests.

“Le Mamea acknowledged the signing of the new EU Partnership Agreement – the Samoa Agreement in November as a monumental achievement for all regions and Samoa looks forward to welcoming the ACP countries and EU members to its shores next month.”

She also stressed that the EU is keen to further strengthen its partnership with Samoa and develop its cooperation in areas of common interest.

Afioga Le Mamea Tuiletufuga Ropati Mualia in his response recognised the European Union’s crucial role in helping Samoa achieve its sustainable development goals through initiatives that promote economic growth, social progress, and environmental protection.

Le Mamea expressed his confidence that the appointment of Plinkert as Ambassador will yield more opportunities in furthering relations between the EU and Samoa as well as the Pacific region.