Vanuatu Opposition bloc of former Prime Minister Sato Kilman has raised concerns over the election of Charlot Salwai, Member of Parliament of Pentecost and President of the Reunification Movement of Change (RMC), as the new Prime Minister during the parliamentary session last Friday.

Former PM Kilman alleged that Salwai’s election was unlawful because it relied on the signatures of only 26 MPs instead of the required 27, which constitutes the absolute majority among the 52 MPs.

He has expressed his view that the grounds outlined in the motion seeking his removal as PM lack substantial justification for the decisions taken against him.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for Malekula Constituency, Gracia Shadrack, has been suspended for four ordinary sessions, including extraordinary and special sittings.

The motion to suspend MP Shadrack stems from his conduct during the third extraordinary session of Parliament on 16 August 2023, when he openly threatened to set fire to the parliament.

The former Opposition bloc, now in the Government, perceives Shadrack’s threats as a potential threat to the safety and security of Parliament and its staff.