PNG Terrorism Act to be introduced


Papua New Guinea’s bill to amend the Terrorism Act has been drafted and ready to be presented to Cabinet before it is tabled in Parliament, Internal Security Minister Peter Tsiamalili Jnr said.

Tsiamalili told Parliament last Friday that having taken note of the outstanding 2005 Guns Report which had 244 recommendations and not tabled in Parliament since its completion, this will now be looked at.

This is the report by a committee headed by former Papua New Guinea Army boss General Jerry Singirok who said the country was hurting and was no longer safe because there was no will power and lack of leadership to tackle the law-and-order situation with increase in high powered and illegal guns.

Tsiamalili was responding to Mendi MP Raphael Tonpi’s questions on illegal guns that this was a major problem in the country and for the police force to address aggressively.

Tonpi asked what the Government’s plan was to address these pressing issue.

Tsiamalili admitted that people with money, businessman and Members of Parliament had access to a lot of high-powered guns including having knowledge of tribes and people having access to illegal guns.

“This is one of the most important questions that is being asked by many…. taking note of the Singirok report what we are doing now is that we have actually drafted and completed our terrorism act that we would like to put forward and table in Parliament and it will go before Cabinet and that will give us teeth to address this serious issue and put those that are part of the procurement of these illegal firearms,” Tsiamalili told Parliament.

“…it gives police force more teeth…the Terrorism Act is completed and it will be put through Cabinet before it gets tabled on the floor of Parliament.

And what it will basically do is it will allow the Police Force at any one time to have access to anyone that is deemed a threat and that is facilitating firearms at any one point regardless what your status is.

“Many of our firearms are being procured by citizens that have access to funds whether it be in the private or public sector.

“I now put everyone on notice we are going to really hone down on those that have access to funds and they are the ones that have access to high-powered firearms.

“How we going to contain and manage the risk that we have in the country,” he said.