The Pacific Islands Forum secretary general says time will tell if the U.S will follow through with its latest Pacific funding pledge.

Henry Puna has arrived back in Fiji after the second U.S-Pacific summit in Washington where he met President Joe Biden, which he described as a “childhood dream come true”

US$200 million of new aid was promised this year.

But Australia’s Lowy Institute Pacific Island Programmes director Meg Keen said Congress has yet to approve most of the US$810 million in funding pledges made last year.

When questioned over why the U.S is operating at a snail’s pace Puna said: “We have to take the word of the president of America. There are certain issues that are beyond me and beyond our officials.

“Discussions have been ongoing and will continue to be ongoing in order to bring to life the commitments America has made to our leaders,” said SG Puna.