By Joseph Morokana

Thirty-three constituencies in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB) are currently implementing a strategic programme known as the ‘Bougainville Internal Independence Readiness’.

This crucial programme endorsed by the Autonomous Bougainville Government House of Representative (HoR) in a parliamentary motion two years ago, is specially designed for communities to develop the overall socio-economic, political and spiritual aspects of their livelihoods, as they journey through the critical political journey to independence.

The programme involves the implementation of six key areas of set bench marks – good governance, rule of law, economic development, human resource development, quality of life and social services.

Autonomous Bougainville Governments’ (ABG) second tier level of government – the community governments have been directed to execute the independence ready strategy by 2025, the independence declaration date set by each of the constituency.

In light of this current development, the ABGs Department of Independence Mission Implementation (DIMI) has been carrying out a workshop for community managers on pre monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to find out the current stage of progress of implementation of bench marks.

Last week a pre monitoring and evaluation workshop was held in Arawa, Central Bougainville for community government managers from South and Central Bougainville. Tomorrow a similar workshop will be held in Buka Town for participants in North Bougainville.

An invitation has been extended also to the Bougainville Transitional Dialogue (BTD) Facilitators – a special group of peace builders who undertakes a public dialogue project in Bougainville, a partnership programme between the ABG, the Bougainville Christian Churches Association (BCCA), Peace and Conflict Studies Institute Australia (PaCSIA) and the United Nations (UN).