Fiji’s Opposition Member of Parliament, Faiyaz Koya has implored Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka to heed the collective call and rescind his decision in approving the dumping of treated nuclear wastewater from Fukushima in to the Pacific Ocean.

Speaking to FijiLive, Koya said this is not only an affront to our nation’s sovereignty and dignity, but also a direct violation of the 2013 Constitution, the Treaty of Rarotonga, and various United Nations resolutions.

Koya has called on Fijians to stand with them and not allow the injustice of the Coalition Government that will disadvantage our future generations, who will inherit the consequences of this Government’s decision.

He also called on the Japanese Government to reconsider its decision and explore safer, more responsible alternatives for disposing of the Fukushima nuclear waste.

“Our Pacific Ocean is not a dumping ground. It is our home, our source of sustenance, and our shared heritage that we must protect and cherish.”

“Today, I stand before you not only as a representative of the Fijian government, but also as a Fijian citizen, a Pacific Islander, and a steward of our shared environment. It is with a heavy heart and an unshakeable sense of responsibility that I address an issue of grave concern to our nation, our region, and indeed, to our planet.”

Koya said that the 2013 Constitution is not just a legal document; it is the embodiment of our values and our aspirations.

“It is a covenant that guarantees our right to a clean and healthy environment – a right that should not be compromised or traded away under any circumstances. The proposed dumping of nuclear waste is a blatant disregard for this constitutional right and an act of injustice against every Fijian citizen.”

“The Treaty of Rarotonga, which we proudly ratified, is a testament to our commitment to safeguard the Pacific from the horrors of nuclear contamination. Should we allow this dumping to proceed, we would be betraying the very essence of this treaty and the shared trust of our Pacific neighbours?”

“The global community, through several United Nations resolutions, has repeatedly condemned such irresponsible disposal practices. By approving the dumping, we would not only be disregarding international law, but we would also be failing our duty as responsible global citizens,” Koya added.