Solomon Islands Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer has ruled in favour of the strike out application filed by the Speaker, Prime Minister, and Governor General against the Leader of the Independent’s claim regarding the Constitution (Amendment) Act of 2022.

The Leader of the Independent Group, John Dean Kuku, presented his arguments through his lawyer, Billy Titiulu, alleging that Parliament had breached the constitutional process when passing the constitution, leading to a seven-month delay in elections.

Last month, the defendants’ lawyers, Lawyer Wilson Rano and Solicitor General Savenaca Banuve, expressed their intention to file for a strike out of the case.

Today, Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer delivered his ruling, supporting the strike-out application. As a result, elections are now set to take place in April 2024, in accordance with the original parliamentary decision.

The Independent Group in Parliament had previously announced plans to appeal the decision if the court chose to strike out the case.