Vanuatu’s new Prime Minister Sato Kilman, has wasted no time in outlining the new Government’s priorities and vision.

Speaking after his election, he highlighted four key areas where his administration will focus its efforts: the economy, the social sector, the public sector, and foreign relations.

In terms of the economy, the Kilman-led government aims to create an improved business environment that enhances participation by Ni-Vanuatu citizens in economic activities.

They plan to expand trade relations by reviewing existing agreements and opening up new export markets.

A key objective is to increase tax revenue through a fair and transparent taxation system. The government also intends to generate employment opportunities for all Ni-Vanuatu citizens and ensure that rural communities benefit from the tourism sector.

The new government has plans to establish industries in strategically important areas, foster a friendly financial environment, and review macroeconomic policies for improved financial access and affordability. The insurance sector will also undergo a review to ensure fairness and equity at all levels.

In the financial sector, the government will continue financial reforms and support productive sectors to strengthen rural communities.

Their focus includes increasing local production for the domestic market, improving and building resilient infrastructure to drive economic development, and creating a conducive business environment for the shipping industry.

Another area of concern is the minimum wage issue, where Kilman noted that everyone supports the minimum wage but stressed the need for a review to avoid adverse impacts on businesses.

The government’s goal remains to empower Ni-Vanuatu citizens in the business sector.

In the social sector, the priorities lie in healthcare and education services. The administration aims to enhance these essential services to improve the quality of life for citizens.

The public sector is not forgotten, with Kilman emphasising the importance of strong and effective government institutions. Plans include continued justice sector reforms, expanded security services in communities, and a commitment to sustain provincial and area council democratic governance while fostering local development.

Foreign relations are also in the spotlight. The new government will prioritise Vanuatu’s foreign policy to effectively deal with global issues and guide the nation’s international engagements.

PM Kilman expects swift implementation of legal instructions from state ministers by all Director Generals and directors in the government. Ensuring service delivery to the people of Vanuatu remains paramount.