China’s presence in the Pacific region is development oriented without political strings and the country has no interest in geopolitics, says a senior official.

Gu Xinqiang, Director of the Department of North American and Oceanian Affairs under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, People’s Republic of China in an interview with journalists from the Pacific said that China has no interest in any third party relations with other countries and other countries must also respect China.

“Although China itself is a developing country, over the years we have done within our capacity to help in all areas in the Pacific.

“Our cooperation in the Pacific does not target any third party. We have no interest in seeking geopolitical influence in any area. As I said Chinese people have been in the Pacific for over hundred years, China’s diplomatic relations with countries in the Pacific has been half a century 40 years in Vanuatu, 46 years in Fiji and so on.

“So it is not that in recent years that China suddenly increased our interest in the Pacific region,” stated Xinqiang.

“But when you look at some other countries, maybe this kind of sudden discovery and maybe they’ve poured some thousands of investment in this area and sometimes even pointing fingers to China, accusing China for some baseless accusations.

“China does not target any third parties and also the cooperation between China and the Pacific should not be interfered or even stopped by any third parties.”

Xinqiang stressed that over the years China’s relations with all 10 Pacific Island Countries has strengthened. So far, China has provided development aid through more than 100 infrastructure projects and 200 plus material aid such as vehicles and equipment.

In terms of improving human resource, China has provided training to over 10, 000 doctors and continues to expand its scope of training and exchange programmes with the region.