Solomon Islands leader of Opposition Matthew Wale has expressed disappointment with the Prime Minister’s stand on the West Papua issue labelling it as ‘hypocritical’.

Wale said the current Prime Minister used to be a strong supporter and advocator for West Papua in the past but he has taken a 180-degree on the issue.

“I am actually not surprised that the Prime Minister has changed face on the West Papua issue. It is a shame and hypocritical of him because he was a very strong supporter in the past,” Wale said.

The Opposition Leader has reaffirmed his view that West Papuans themselves should be afforded the opportunity to express their vote on self-determination under an internationally supervised referendum.

Based on the membership criteria set by MSG, Wale has also questioned how Caledonia’s FLNKS are measured against those?

“It is hypocrisy to stand with New Caledonia for independence from France and then support Indonesian sovereignty over West Papua. Why the double standard?” he questioned.

Wale said MSG Leaders need to rethink their stand and the Prime Minister should have maintained Solomon Islands stand on West Papua.

The Opposition Leader said both the FLNKS and West Papuans are Melanesian peoples and both desire independence.

He said West Papua has been under very oppressive schematic & systematic Indonesian colonial rule, far worse than anything New Caledonia has suffered and MSG Leaders know better.