Australia’s Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen has confirmed that he is getting good support from Pacific Climate Ministers as Australia bids to host the 31st Conference of Parties.

The Australian Minister attended the Pacific Small Islands Developing State Dialogue on Climate Change and said he met some of the ministers who were present.

Bowen said hosting COP31 will be good for the Pacific.

“I said to the ministers, I want people to leave COP31 if Australia hosts it, saying, well, that was really a Pacific COP. By that, we have a chance to elevate Pacific issues at a time when they have the world’s attention. You know when the COP is on, the whole world is watching the COP, and it’s a remarkable opportunity to elevate Pacific issues to the top of the international agenda in a way that is meaningful and lasting, and that’s what we are working on together.”

He said there is strong support for the Australia-Pacific bid.

Meanwhile, COP28 will be in Dubai later this year.