Vanuatu has a new brand identity for climate information – Klaemet Save.

This exciting new brand has been developed to focus attention on information products that increase the ability of Vanuatu’s people to plan for and respond to climate impacts.

Klaemet Save is an initiative of the Climate Information Services for Resilient Development in Vanuatu Project, known in Vanuatu by its Bislama name, the Vanuatu Klaemet Infomesen blong Redy, Adapt mo Protekt Project (VanKIRAP).

VanKIRAP aims to increase the ability of decision-makers, sectors, communities, and individuals in Vanuatu to plan for and respond to the impacts of climate variability and change using climate information services (CIS). It produces climate information products designed to improve Vanuatu’s climate resilience.

Vanuatu faces many short-term and long-term climate impacts. These include increased cyclone intensity, higher temperatures and heatwaves on land and sea, increased humidity, increased extreme rainfall events, coastal flooding and inundation, increased drought intensity, sea level rise, ocean acidification, coral bleaching, and fish kills. Access to relevant and actionable information about Vanuatu’s climate is therefore of critical importance for Vanuatu’s people.

The Klaemet Save brand focuses Vanuatu audiences’ attention on climate and climate resilience by providing an easily recognisable brandmark for use on VanKIRAP and VMGD’s climate information products.

Photo: SPREP

The brand identity has been produced in all of Vanuatu’s three official languages. It is called ‘Climate Savvy’ in English and ‘Avisé sur le climat’ in French. The brand slogan in Bislama is ‘Redi, Adapt, mo Protekt’, ‘Prepare, Adapt and Protect’ in English, and ‘Préparer, adapter et protéger’ in French.

Designed for VanKIRAP by Port Vila-based graphic design firm, Lionfish Design Studios, the Klaemet Save brand ensures a consistent and professional look and feel across all VanKIRAP and VMGD climate information products. By mutually reinforcing VanKIRAP and VMGD’s key messages about climate information, it will also produce higher levels of audience trust, acceptance, engagement, and repeated use.

The new brand identity is being rolled out across all of VanKIRAP’s and VMGD’s communication channels, including VMGD’s website and social media pages. Visitors to these channels will now be able to easily identify and locate the latest climate information, and practical tools to help them plan for and respond to the impacts of climate change.

Other VanKIRAP/VMGD CIS resources that the Klaemet Save brand will be applied to include mobile apps, an SMS tool, early warning products, decision-making platforms, seasonal forecasts and outlooks, bulletins, newsletters, maps, videos, television and radio programs, event signage, and printed products.

Photo: SPREP

“We are thrilled to launch our new Klaemet Save brand identity,” says Sunny Seuseu, VanKIRAP’s Acting Manager. “We believe that this new brand will help us to better communicate the importance of climate information to the people of Vanuatu, and empower them to take action in response to the challenges posed by natural climate variability and human-induced climate change.”

By giving identifiable, clear and concise information about Vanuatu’s climate and the actions that people can take to prepare, adapt and protect themselves from climate impacts, Klaemet Save will help everyone in Vanuatu to become more climate resilient.